Abstract Wiener Space

A new mix of mostly techno and dubstep, inspired by the genius of Norbert Wiener. Grab it here.

Mark Pritchard & David Brinkworth – Sentience [Innervisions]
Tortoise – Gigantes Version (Mark Ernestus) [Thrill Jockey]
Daniel Meteo – Pure I (James T Cotton remix) [Kalk Pets]
XDB – C.o.n. [AW-Recordings]
Porter Ricks – Redundance 3 [Mille Plateaux]
Terrence Dixon – Region (original version) [Nice & Nasty]
Wyndell Long – Deep-Deep [Isophlux Records]
Common Factor – Exploration/ Meaning [Planet E]
Ferdinand Fehlers – Hearth [Meteosound]
Patrice Scott – Azteck [Yore Germany]
Pierce & Twirdy – Cuaba (Babicz Style In Full EFX mix) [Yellow Tail]
Jark Prongo – Helios [Innervisions]
Dam Funk – Silver [Stones Throw]
Titonton Duvante – Unzip! [Frankie Records]
2562 – Third Wave [Tectonic]
Monolake – Titan (12 version) [Imbalance Computer Music]
Skream – Percression (original version) [Tectonic]
Sigha – Remembrance [Hotflush Recordings]
Untold – Test Signal [Hessle Audio]
James Blake – Sparing The Horse [Hemlock Recordings]
Mount Kimbie – Maybes [Hotflush Recordings]
Matthew Herbert – Closing Theme (from The Intended) [!K7]

Recording of me at Süd Electronic, 4th October 2008

This is the archive of yesterday’s radio broadcast on Duff Paddy’s Eclectic Electric show on Purple Radio, which is a recording of my performance at Süd Electronic last October. Apologies about the bass feedback from around 70 minutes until the end. I switched from Traktor Sctratch to vinyl during this bit of the set, and for once digital proved more resilient than vinyl, as the sound was feeding back with real vinyl but it didn’t pose a problem with time-encoded files. Also, as this was the opening set of the night so levels at the beginning aren’t perfect, blah blah blah, but hopefully it’s still enjoyable.

Grab it here.

Koss – Earth (S Point) [Mule Electronic]
Inverse Cinematics – The Rise & Fall (Sam Irl remix) [Pulver Records]
A Mountain Of One – Brown Piano (remake by Studio) [A Mountain Of One]
Roland Appel – New Love [Sonar Kollektiv]
Secondo – Solstice [Soul Jazz Records]
Kadebostan – Sofia On Stage [Fenou]
Reggie Dokes – Black Thoughts (Original) [Psychostasia Recordings]
The Asphalt – 8 Mile Road (Juju & Jordash mix) [Deep Explorer]
The Mole – I’ve Got My A1 [Musique Risquée]
Stereociti – Dedicated JB [Deep Explorer]
Mujaba – Fuelta [Four Roses Recordings]
Henrik Schwarz, Âme and Dixon – DPOMB (version 2) [Innervisions]
DJ Gregory – Labyrinthe [Zouk Music]
Todd Terry – I Hear the Music [Sound of Ministry]
Kadebostan – 5.15 am [Fenou]
Kenny Larkin – Keys, Strings, Tambourines – Glob [Planet E]
Johnny Fiasco – D-Drive [Distant Music]
Jacek Sienkiewicz – Living in Oblivion [Smallville]
Focus – Marvin is One [Versatile Records]
Wam Kidz – CB’s Groove [After midnight]
Andre Harris – Lifted (Original) [Cajual Records]
XS – Deeper [Yoshitoshi Recordings]
NY Connection – Messages [Evolution]
Atjazz – For Real (Version Remix)
Kontext – Plumes [Immerse Records]


Here’s a couple of videos with a space theme. The first is the Portsmouth Sinfonia masacring Wagner’s Thus Spake Zarathustra (the music from the opening credits of 2001). The second is a recording of space shuttle launch STS-124 from the sonic perspective of a solid rocket booster. The result is a strange, hypnotic noise/music, which is slightly marred by glitches but still completely worth a go.

We do what we’re told

My friend Stelios uncovered this mashup of Blade Runner and Peter Gabriel, which is pretty beautiful I reckon.

Deckard (Harrison Ford) retires the replicant Zhora (Joanna Cassidy). Footage is from the 1992 Director’s Cut edited with Peter Gabriel’s “We Do What We’re Told (Milgram’s 37)” from the album “So”.

Here’s the link. Unfortunately embedding is disabled. It’s worth checking the HD version if your bandwidth permits.